Our lives are full of beautiful people around us!

We share jogging parks, grocery stores, elevator rides and maids with them.
We see them everyday, we might recognize them, but we hardly get to know them.

We all miss the times in cozy parental homes!

The next-door aunty would feed us when our parents were late.
We still need help, but the relationships are hard to come by as we move homes.

We wish we knew more about our neighbourhoods!

Tailor chacha and painting teacher were our trusted advisors.
We often deal with them, but we rarely share the trust and connection anymore.

“ApniStreet is an attempt to know beautiful people around us, a means to build those relationships, a step to reconnect with our neighborhoods. ApniStreet is an idea, we can make it happen!”

Looking forward to your support,
A work-from-home Mom
Founder, ApniStreet