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We”, “Us”, “Our”, “ApniStreet.COM” shall mean ApniStreet SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the laws of India.

Terms”, “Terms and conditions”, “Policy”, “T&C” shall mean the entire Agreement and all parallel policies that you agree to in mutual agreement by using our Site

You”, “Your”, “User” refers to the user of the site. “User” is anyone who is visiting, accessing or browsing the Site.

Website” shall mean www.ApniStreet.com that is the domain owned and controlled by ApniStreet services private limited and all its subdomains.

Content” refers to any text, image, graphic, video, audio, location or all forms of data which are made available on the website, www.ApniStreet.COM

Your Content” refers to any content submitted by way of registration or submission of reviews or messages through, or in connection with the Site.

Third Party” refers to any person other than the “User” or the “Website”

ABOUT ApniStreet.COM

ApniStreet.com is a website that enables social networking between neighbors. Essentially, it’s a portal for those who live in a locality and are desirous of meeting and interacting with people who live in the same locality. We offer services that enable such people to connect with each other.


Only those who are above the age of 18 and competent to contract as per the laws of the Union of India shall be entitled to use the website and avail of the offers and services provided therein.

If You are a minor and wish to use the website, you may do so through your legal guardian and ApniStreet.com reserves the right to terminate your account on knowledge of You being a minor and using the membership of the site. ApniStreet shall not be responsible for the use of the website by a minor.

ApniStreet.com may further, in its discretion terminate or end the relationship with any User with or without furnishing reasons for the same. Any outstanding amounts due to any User may be repaid at such time.


The Privacy Policy is separately available on the website, and can be perused by you at your convenience by looking here


You agree, undertake and confirm that your use our service shall be strictly governed by the following binding principles:

You agree and understand that ApniStreet.com and the Website merely provides hosting services to users and persons browsing or visiting the ApniStreet.com. All the information contained and shared on the website belongs to third parties, and is not monitored or controlled by ApniStreet.com. The only role and contribution of ApniStreet.com is to facilitate the interaction between users, and not to monitor or regulate the same. ApniStreet.com also does not provide any guarantee about the quality, reliability or fitness for use of the products and services sold or exchanged using the ApniStreet.com network.

As a result, all Users must acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. No obscene, vulgar, lewd or offensive content will be shared.
  2. No plagiarized content will be shared
  3. No racist, misleading or offensive content shall be shared on the website which has the capacity to hurt or harm another party.
  4. No content which attempts to pollute or clog the database and servers, or is otherwise designated as “Spam” may be circulated or shared using ApniStreet.com systems, website or network, and ApniStreet.com reserves the right to take action against those sharing such information which it deems to be “Spam”.
  5. Contains or allows access to restricted information
  6. Impersonates another person
  7. Threatens the sovereignty, unity or integrity of the Republic of INDIA.


  1. These Terms will remain in full force and effect while you are a user of the website.
  2. You may cease to be a User at any time, for any reason, effective upon receipt by (“The website”) of your email notice of termination, sent to legal@ApniStreet.com.
  3. (“The website”) may at any time, terminate the agreement with you, deny you access to the Website and delete your Profile and any other content you have submitted by your use of the Website on provision of reasonable notice.
  4. (“The website”) may terminate the agreement with you, deny you access to the website and delete your Profile and any other Content you have submitted by your use of the website with immediate effect in the event that you have breached these Terms. In the event of such termination no refund shall be payable by (“The website”).


  1. ApniStreet.com shall, if appropriately intimated, remove any offensive, hurtful or abusive content as soon as it is technically feasible for us to do so. However, ApniStreet.com shall not be made financially liable in any way, since ApniStreet.com has not contributed or monitored the usage of the website, which is a publicly available resource free for use by these Users, who are subject to these Terms of Use.
  2. ApniStreet.com and its employees, assigns and designated officials shall not in any way be responsible or held liable for any mistake or impropriety committed by a User, and all users and visitors acknowledge and agree to the same.


The website and the terms contained herein are governed by the laws of India.


ApniStreet.com does not claim ownership of any of the intellectual property rights contained on the website, unless the content has been created by ApniStreet.com. Any content created by a third party belongs to such third party and ApniStreet.com has no responsibility or ownership over the content.


You agree that ApniStreet.COM, may automatically assign this Agreement and all agreements and information incorporated herein in its sole discretion, to another entity. You may not assign your obligations to another entity.


Independent Contractors: ApniStreet.com is not an agent, employee or partner of the User and is an independent contractor.

Modification of the Terms of Service: These terms of service may be modified from time to time to deliver better services or to intimate users of the modified terms. It shall be the obligation of the User to acquaint himself or herself with the modified Terms of Service.

Waiver: A decision not to act against any User for any improper conduct does not prevent ApniStreet.com from acting in any future case against the same or other Users.

Severability: Any portion of this Agreement held unenforceable by a Court of law shall not affect the operation of any other portion of the Agreement, and the rest of the Agreement shall be read in such a way as to be compliant with all applicable laws.

Dispute Resolution: All disputes will be resolved amicably by mediation or negotiation, following which they shall be referred to binding arbitration between the parties with a three arbitrators, one appointed by each party and a third appointed by the two so hereinbefore appointed. If the dispute cannot be resolved by arbitration, it shall be referred to the courts in Hyderabad, India.

Any grievances, issues, queries, complaints or information that you wish to communicate to us can be addressed to support@apnistreet.com